In honor of reaching two years of our Deed of the Month campaign, we've decided to make a pivotal shift for the brand in an effort to not only increase the impact we can all have on the world around us, but also allow the amazing Nominal Family like yourself to be a part of that impact regardless of what you purchase. From now on, our Deed of the Month campaigns will not have "featured items" that we calculate donations from.
Every single order makes an impact now. Regardless of what you order from Nominal, proceeds from every order will be donated to the campaign of the month.
For February, in honor of Black History Month, we are featuring hardworking and inspiring artists on Instagram Live every Monday and Wednesday at 7PM EST, to hear about their story and their craft. With eight different featured creatives through the month, proceeds from this month's orders will be poured into allowing these artists to elevate their craft and we can't thank you enough for being the reason for that.