Following the US government's complete defunding of UNRWA, many of the Agency's programs are at risk. UNRWA has already been forced to reduce services for refugees, including the mental health and cash-for-work programs. Food assistance is the next program at risk.

In the Gaza Strip, one million Palestine refugees are relying on UNRWA to meet their basic needs. Their right to food, a human right, is non-negotiable but is being neglected by our government and all those who turn a blind eye to Gaza. But, we are committed to doing something about it by using our platform to raise awareness and funds, and we hope you will join us. 

Together, we can provide critical food assistance to Palestine refugee families -- just $150 can provide a quarterly food basket to a Palestine refugee family in the Gaza Strip. 

By joining this nationwide movement, we're not only putting food on the table for a Palestine refugee family, but are also sending the message that Americans care. Thank you for helping us reach our goal!


We will also be donating 25% of sales of these items towards Gaza.


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