The 5 Best Islamic & Arabic Gifts for a Friend!

Shopping for gifts can be easy if you want something average, but sometimes you need something special for someone special. That's why Nominal creates pieces that allow people to express their language, culture, and religion. We're going to break down some of our favorite gifts that you can give to a loved one. Whether they're Muslim, speak Arabic, or just appreciate the beauty of the culture, there's something special for everyone. 

#5 - The Crescent Moon Necklace

Ranking in at Number 5, our Crescent Moon Necklace features a gorgeous pendant that represents so much regardless of the religion and culture of your loved one. The moon represents hope and light during dark times, so this piece has been with Nominal since the very beginning. It's a timeless design that's easy to stack or rock on its own. And beyond just the meaning, this piece (like all of our jewelry) is covered with four layers of real 18k gold, and comes with a Nominal Lifetime Warranty, meaning you never have to worry about tarnish or color fading. 

Get my crescent moon necklace here!


#4 - The Arabic Letter Necklace (+ Letter Collection)

Ranking in at #4, we're gonna cheat a bit: The Arabic Letter Necklace is our favorite (and don't tell that to the others) but Nominal also offers a vaster collection which includes the Letter Bracelet and Letter Ring as well to compliment the necklace perfectly. It's no surprise that the Arabic language is a stunning one. Because of its poetic nature, even a single letter can make someone feel connected to the culture and language. And because of its beauty, even if your friend doesn't speak Arabic, this piece could still serve as the perfect gift. This piece has been around since the beginning of Nominal and it's no wonder it still holds its ranking: it's a timeless, minimal, and meaningful piece. There's nothing like your initial in real gold in a gorgeous language!

Get my Arabic Letter Necklace here!

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Nominal Arabic Letter Necklace Real Gold


#3 - The Ayatul Kursi Cuff

Ranking in at #3, we're highlighting one of our favorite pieces of all time. Ayatul Kursi is one of the most powerful verses of the entire Qur'an and to carry it on a cuff is a surefire way to blow a friend's mind with the beauty and meaning behind it. Since the piece is engraved on the outside and inside, this piece leaves no detail spared. It's also adjustable so it fits on ANY wrist which just makes the gifting process that much easier!

Get my Ayatul Kursi Cuff here!

#2 - The Ayatul Kursi Necklace

Ranking in SECOND place, it's only right to feature Ayatul Kursi more than once. The Ayatul Kursi Necklace is one of the original pieces of Nominal and to this day, nearly four years later, is one of the top sellers in history. With the most intricate design we've ever created, this timeless pendant features the entire powerful verse of Ayatul Kursi on one side of the pendant with a beautiful and timeless chain to follow. Covered in real gold and covered with our lifetime warranty, this piece stands the test of time year after year and makes for one of the most sought-after gifts in Nominal history.

Get my Ayatul Kursi Necklace here!

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And the crowned winner as the greatest gift you can give to a best friend...

#1 - The Custom Name Necklace

As our first place winner, the custom name necklace shows off a couple of accomplishments. Firstly, the Name Necklace was the first Nominal piece ever created, before Nominal even existed! Also, the name necklace is most popular in Arabic but it can actually be made in any language you can think of. We even confirm the spelling with you so you get it made precisely as you want. Since the name necklace can be made in any language, any color, any length, and any spelling, it allows you to personalize the most perfect gift for someone. Whether it's their name in Arabic, English, or any other language, we use real gold plating on the entire piece so you can gift it confidently. This piece comes with a Lifetime Warranty so you never have to worry about it losing its gorgeous sheen.

Get my Name Necklace custom-made here!


We hope this blog helped you find something perfect for your loved one. Whether you need something for someone who speaks Arabic, practices Islam, or just appreciates the cultural beauty, Nominal is your go-to.

Shop all of Nominal's favorites here!


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