While we strive to make fashion-forward accessories that make you feel good, it is our duty to make an impact in this world with your help. We want there to be a purpose to all of this, beyond the item that you receive. Beginning in February of 2019, Nominal is proud to say that we run a monthly campaign to donate towards different causes. This is known as our ‘Deed of the Month’ Campaign. Previously, every month, we would select a few items to be a part of our DOM Collection, where 25% of the entire sale is donated to a new cause. From providing bread to those in Syria, to building a fresh water well in Mali, you've helped us build this platform into something bigger than all of us. Simply by purchasing some of your favorite items from the DOM Collection, a quarter of your entire purchase goes directly towards unique causes.


With your help, though, we have elevated the Deed of the Month Campaign to always span across the entire site and portions of every order will be donated to the month's campaign, regardless of what items are purchased. The sky is the limit, and we will always use our platform to put a smile on the faces of those who order something, and on the faces of those who could really use the smile.

2019 Impact | $30,325
2020 Impact | Pending: $90,480+

Transparency is very important to us. Therefore, all donations are documented with official receipts and can be viewed and downloaded here.