Click here to become a Nominal Brand Ambassador and begin earning 5% commission on all sales that come from your link.

Please note that Nominal Brand Ambassadors do not receive free Nominal merchandise upon application acceptance.

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How to maximize commissions:

  • Let your friends, family, and social media networks know that you are now a Nominal Brand Ambassador. The next time they decide to purchase, they'll think of you first. It doesn't cost them anything to use your link and they'll be happy to support you.
  • Sending your link in group chats is always a good idea, but an even better idea is to also send it privately to as many people as possible. When you send it privately, make sure it doesn't come off as an automated message. Automated messages are easy to leave on read. Personalize it, and you'll likely get a response.
  • Put your link in your Instagram bio so that you can refer to it when you make an Instagram post and story.
  • The best time to share your link is when Nominal has a new launch, restock, or sale. These are moments that people tend to make purchases.