Nominal x GiveLight

Our big-picture goal here at Nominal can be summed up with one word: impact. While we strive to make an impact in so many different ways across the world, we're blessed to have so many people and organizations that we can help and even learn from.

One of these organizations is GiveLight, a foundation striving to build homes for children to provide quality long-term education, among many other missions. Centered around building a bright future for orphans, GiveLight's beautiful goals line up perfectly with our vision here at Nominal; spreading impact to those who need the help the most. 

In January of 2020, GiveLight is hosting an event that we have the beautiful opportunity of sponsoring. By donating 40 items to be auctioned off, 100% of the proceeds of the donations for each item will be going directly towards making a difference for the orphans around the world.

Partnering with different companies not only helps us make a bigger impact, but allows it to be felt by those who need it. It's a blessing and an honor to be given the chance to put our intentions together with GiveLight, combining love and mercy to do our job in this world: taking care of each other.

You can read more about GiveLight's different causes and beautiful mission here.


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