Watch Straps & Picking the Right Color

We've all heard that a watch is the perfect way to tie together an eye-catching outfit. Whether it's for everyday wear or a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, a watch always holds that power. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as popping any watch on and calling it a day. Fortunately, I'm here to make it almost that easy. While the face is the head-turner of a watch, as stated in my previous post here, the straps get to really bring it all together for an "outfit finale" of sorts. While you're bombarded with plenty of different types of straps, which you can read about here, choosing a color is your next mountain to climb.

The best thing about interchangeable straps, which Nominal prides themselves in by offering swappable bands with all their watch collections, is that they are affordable, easy to swap out, and a perfect way to throw some variety in your accessories. So while you can play it safe and subtle by going for an all-black aesthetic, snagging a beautiful rose gold band may be the perfect way to put a spin on your outfit.

But before we go gung-ho on getting every color in the book, we can discuss some rules about how your straps should fit into your outfit.

1. Analyze your clothes

The decision of finding a new color for your watch strap is going to get a lot easier if you first take a look at the clothes and accessories you already own. You don't want to get a navy pair of straps for your beloved watch, when you don't have any other navy articles of clothing to make it pop. However, that beautiful brown pair of dress shoes that you got last month? Now we're talking! Find a stunning brown close to that shade and get this new look on the road.

For those of you like me, who tend to wear "monochrome" colors like grey and black, you're in luck. Almost any watch will do. While I recommend sticking to that theme and rocking an all-black watch like the Phantom, you can throw in a splash of color, like the Jewel, to make your watch play less of a subtle role, and more of a head-turning one. 

2. Analyze the watch itself

Apart from just your clothes, you may want to keep in mind the watch you already own / are going to own. For light dial colors like white and silver, that same brown strap is going to pop perfectly. For darker color dials, though, maybe a black strap will work better. So make sure that your strap not only matches your clothes, but also the watch that you're putting it on! 

If you're looking to go a little more wild, 

Furthermore, it's a good rule of thumb to follow that the case of the watch (the surrounding steel part that encircles the case) also matches the strap. This is a followed rule for the Nominal colorways that are already offered, but it's something to keep in mind if you're looking for additional straps.

3. Plan your accessories

Yes, it's a great idea to match your shoes to your straps, your belt to your straps, or your purse to your straps. But, hey, please, don't take it too far. Not everything needs to match perfectly, but it's definitely a good idea to plan it accordingly and get a few accessories ready for your straps of choice. This will pull your outfit together pretty effortlessly by just planning ahead a little bit.

4. Be confident

Whether it's a simple black leather strap, a vivid rose gold mesh one, or a bright red silicone strap, the importance of the strap isn't as important as how you feel when you wear it. If you don't feel confident in the strap of your choice, then there may be a re-decision in the works. 

Beyond just the color, make sure your new strap fits your watch face properly, and the thickness of it is proportional to the aesthetic of your watch dial. If the dial is thick and the strap is too thin, you may end up with a slightly off-looking watch. If the dial is stealing the show with its robust structure and flashy colors, maybe the statement has already been made. This would mean to get a subtle strap, with a job focused only on function. If the dial is playing the subtle role, that's your chance to let the straps do some talking, by bringing in a bright color or a cool pattern

So be sure you're getting a size, thickness, and color that fit your personal taste. Every guideline in the book won't help you enough if you don't feel truly comfortable in what you're wearing.

Most importantly, don't over-think it too much. Get some basic rules of thumb out of the way and sport your brand new watch with confidence! 

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