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Article: What Makes a Quality Watch?

What Makes a Quality Watch?
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What Makes a Quality Watch?

What makes a good watch? What should I avoid, and what can I not live without? The questions can get overwhelming, but we're here to make things a little simpler. When you're doing research to buying watches and you're reading through every watch description you can find, we want you to be well-informed on what to keep an eye out for. So let's get right to it:

The Glass: 

This might be one of the most important parts of the wristpiece you're looking for. Luckily, the list isn't endless. There's three very common types of glass used in watch manufacturing.

1. Acrylic, which is the cheapest - and therefore the weakest - glass. While cheap, acrylic glass can be useful because it's actually made of plastic. This means that if and when it does scratch, it can be repaired, since it will likely occur more than once. This is common on kids' watches and some cheaper lightweight watches.

2. Mineral Glass. This is by far the most common glass you will find on watches, especially in the affordable luxury (90-200) price category. While mineral glass is evidently more durable than acrylic, it can still be scratched. It's durable, though, so you'll likely just run into a few scratches during the ownership of your piece. It'll look and feel better than acrylic, but it won't be the best that your money can buy.

3. Sapphire Crystal Glass. Welcome to the big leagues. It doesn't get tougher than this. Sapphire crystal glass is the highest level of glass your money can buy right now, and is typically found in high-quality watches ranging above the 200-250 dollar range. Sapphire crystal glass ranks as a 9 on the Mohs scale, only out-shined by diamond, which ranks a 10. This means that if you happen to have your keys in the same pocket as your watch, or you accidentally scrape your watch up against your countertop or even a knife, your glass will look just as new as you got it. Nominal watches are all equipped with sapphire crystal glass, at a much more affordable price than any other competitors. While sapphire crystal glass can crack and shatter, it is the most scratch-resistant glass on the market, and if you're looking for a watch to last you a long time, you may have checked off one box from your search list. 

The Band:

Once you choose your preferred style of glass for your watch, the band comes to mind next. Whether it's a genuine leather band or a pure stainless steel mesh band, a lot of it comes down to preference. With different types of leather and an endless amount of stitching styles, your main goal when it comes to picking a leather band is the durability and comfort. If a band is shown to be "Genuine Leather", it's an affordable and durable option. Often the inside is made of cowhide, and the outside is calf leather, making it even softer. Different leather options such as alligator, snakeskin, or ostrich leather are all out there, and come in so many different aesthetics. The choice is always yours, as long as you choose a beautiful color to match your favorite outfits. All Nominal leather watches are banded with genuine calfskin leather from Italy. 

The Movement:

While this one gets overlooked by casual watch-shoppers, it's one of the most important parts of owning a truly high quality watch. The movement, known as the "heart" of the watch that makes the hands tick. Between Quartz, which is the standard "ticking" that you see in a watch, Mechanical, which needs to be winded, and Automatic, which takes energy from the wrist, all the movements have their own pros and cons. With the most accurate time-telling mechanism and the least amount of moving parts to go bad, Quartz is one of the top choices for watch buyers.

Now, to dive into one further detail, Japanese Miyota Movement and Swiss Movement are the top two contenders in the Quartz category. Estimated to last up to two years, the Japanese Miyota Movement is one of the most common and affordable watch movements. It's accurate, it'll last you years, and shouldn't give you any issues. If you're here for the big leagues, however, it's important to know that the Swiss have set the standard in craftsmanship. The upcoming brand new Nominal watch collection, dropping on September 30th, will be entirely equipped with Swiss Movement. Our Timeless Collection is equipped with Japanese Miyota Movements, known for its reliability and precision in manufacturing. 

We hope this helped narrow down your choices a little more as you search where to put your hard-earned money towards a watch. We hope these final few questions can help tie together any questions or doubts you might have:

1. Why should I get a watch?

A watch is often known as the "bow" on your outfit. Whether it's a casual outfit with a tee and some jeans, or a special occasion in a suit, a beautiful quality wrist-piece that matches your outfit can really add the spice that your appearance was needing. In its functionality, elegance, and aesthetic, a watch is the perfect and simple way to nudge your outfit into a different league, pulling together the perfect look for the day.

2. How should I match my watch with my outfit?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a watch that can match with your belt and shoes. It doesn't get classier than rocking a brown band while wearing a brown leather belt and some brown dress shoes. An all-black watch is also a safe bet that can go with virtually any outfit. When looking to stand out, the design rules can get bent. Feel free to rock an all-blue watch to pop with your tuxedo, or a monochrome grey watch for a subtle twist to the black and white aesthetic of a suit. 

3. What should I know before I buy a watch?

Get a quality piece that comes with a warranty, find something that fits your style,  and don't hesitate to invest in a quality piece so you aren't back for another one within the same year or two. What makes a good watch is not as complicated as you may have thought. With a Swiss battery movement, genuine leather bands, and a sapphire crystal glass face, we may only see a purchase from you one time when our 9/30 Collection drops, (and again when you realize that the color options are tempting and that at this price, you can afford to gift them to your loved ones) but at least we know you're satisfied with it. 


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