Watch Sizes & The Perfect Size For You

The case size of a watch is the diameter of the face of the wrist piece. This is both the most recognizable and important aspect of the aesthetic of the watch. From delicately small to overwhelmingly large, case size can vary greatly. Watch sizes can be split into the categories of Small, Medium, Standard, and Oversized. Each category can serve its own purpose, and can be styled differently with unique aesthetics. 

The Different Sized Categories

Small cases are typically 34mm or smaller. The brand new Nominal Bouquet Collection shows off a dainty 32mm case size, making it small enough to be light and comfortable, but not so small where you begin to lose the fashionable colors that the dial shows off. It is available here in seven different color ways. 

With the Medium category ranging from 34-38mm, and the Standard size ranging from 39-42, the Nominal Timeless Collection lands right between to show off a versatile unisex size, small enough for the ladies, but bold enough for the men. With limited quantity remaining, this collection is available here

Right at the edge of the Standard category comes the 42MM size, meant to be bold, but not in-your-face flashy. The brand new Nominal Statement Collection sports a strong 42mm case size, available in eight colors here

The Oversized category taps us into 43-46mm and above, bringing us to overwhelmingly flashy watch sizes, that certain people can most definitely pull off perfectly. No Nominal watches are available in this sized category.

Your Decision

Everything inside of the watch can add or take away from the size or thickness of the watch case. This means that certain features, like mechanical watches or different types of movements can take up less or more space in the case, requiring a different shape to the battery casing or case thickness.

By beginning with a certain size in mind, your watch-shopping experience will get easier once you know what you're looking for. Typically if your wrist diameter is 6 inches or less, than a watch in the Small category will likely fit you properly. A 6-7 inch wrist diameter may land you in the Medium/Standard Category, and anything above that will bring you to the Oversized category. From there, multiple options are available that you can delve into; this includes watch thickness, strap size and material, and so on.

While sizes can vary, the decision is all yours. From different aesthetics to weight to comfort, a few different preferences will land you on the perfect wrist piece that matches your style. Finding the right size shouldn't be too difficult. Picking only one of the eye-catching colors from the Nominal collections may take you a minute, though. 

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