Getting to Know Nominal

Earlier this year, Mariam Shibly conducted a concise interview with the founder of Nominal, Akram Abdallah, about the brand, the "why" behind the company, and the fashion-forward goals we are setting for ourselves. Check it out below!  

Q) What does your company do? How has your journey been thus far

Nominal is a brand that provides the world with what we like to call “meaningful accessories”. The majority of our pieces are designed and engraved with a powerful word or quote, that is meant to resonate with you and serve as a reminder during your highs and lows.

Q) What inspired you? What is your “why”?

Prior to Nominal, I would type out and save the wise words of my role models as the background of my phone. This constant reminder kept me grounded, whether I was going through a rough time and needed some words of affirmation, or times were great and I needed to be reminded to show gratitude to Allah (SWT). This strategy became very healthy for my mental health. It changed my life, and I felt like the rest of the world can benefit from this strategy as well.

Q) What differentiates you from your competitors? What are some challenges that your consumers are facing right now and that you can help with?

We pride ourselves in our purpose, customer experience, giving back, quality, and attention to detail.

We’re not just a fashion brand. Our pieces don’t just serve as outfit upgrades. Our pieces are here to change lives, whether it be because of a word or quote that inspires you to do more, or a necklace with the shape of your hometown as the pendant, that allows you to be loud and proud of your identity.

Q) How was your experience collaborating with ABW? How else do you practice charity?

Our experience with ABW has been amazing! We are so honored to work with Mariam and her team.

Every single month, we have a “Deed of the Month”. We choose a charity and a few items that we donate 25% of the sales towards. It was once a dream to build a platform that can be used to raise funds and awareness towards important causes. With Nominal, that dream has become a reality. Throughout the last two years, with the help of our Nominal family, we have raised over $30,000 for people all over the world, including building a water well in Mali. To read more about our Deed of the Month campaigns, please click here:

Q) What is your current favorite accessory from your line?

My favorite Nominal accessory is the Core Values Necklace that we launched in November of 2019. This necklace is extra special to me because it holds my four favorite words: Peace, Love, Faith, and Patience. I grab and squeeze the pendant of this necklace every time I feel like I need an extra boost. It puts my mind in a positive place, every time.

Thanks for reading! We hope this gives you some insight into the brand and we look forward to continue being a part of amazing causes and innovative events like Mariam's ABW and many more!



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