How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

Do you know how to wear your jewelry to compliment your look? Getting a perfect outfit can be frustrating, and you can imagine the stress you would have in picking your jewelry if selecting an outfit is already a problem. Know that you are not alone, many people struggle when it comes to pairing jewelry with an outfit. The first thing that you have to know is that you should never be afraid to try something new, but also you need to be cautious not to overdo it.

When it comes to selecting your jewelry, there are different approaches that you can take all which will take into account the type of event of the place you are headed to. For instance, you wouldn’t have the same jewelry you wear to work when going for dinner, would you? As much as you want to make people catch a glimpse of your outfit, you should be cautious of the occasion so that you don’t turn out to be odd. Let’s now look at some of the ways you can wear your outfit to compliment your look.

How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

Jewelry for Workplace

Workplaces run on policies and normally, they might have a particular dress code to adhere to. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot wear your jewelry. You can do in and still turn out stunning and within the dress code. In a workplace setting, there are a few ways to style your outfit with jewelry.

  • Wearing Less JewelryHow to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

When it comes to work attire, less jewelry can mean more. Instead of wearing a necklace, some dangling earrings, and bangles, you can choose one of them and match it with your outfit. For instance, if you are an employee in a conservative firm, then you can go with stud earrings and a ring. If you do not feel comfortable with either of the two, then wear a bracelet. The essence here is to maintain that business look as you leave your home.

  • Going Bold

If your workplace is not very strict on dress code, you can choose to go bold with jewelry. For example, you can select a simple dress and match it up with a bold necklace, but ensure that it is still decent.

  • Being Simple and Classic

Being simple can always work for you. Wearing some simple earrings can jazz up your outfit. Small dainty earrings that do not attract too much attention can also complete your outfit as long as you don’t choose one that is too visible. This will work for you if you work in a conservative office. You can also go for a birthstone, colored stone or some plain but classic pearls.

  • Brightening Up

As much as being professional is important, being yourself is as equally important and you can do this by blending jewelry into your work outfit. You can, for instance, try costume jewelry that is bright and fun. Also, you can choose to steer away from the norm by choosing a thumb ring instead of typical finger rings and still turn out professional.

Jewelry for Casual Outfits

Wearing jewelry with casual clothing may seem simple, but it may also be more complicated than you think. When choosing your earrings and necklaces, try to ascertain that the sizes of the necklace and that of the earrings are complimentary. The types of clothes you wear will also determine your look. For instance, if you want people to notice your jewelry, then choose simple clothes.

When it comes to bracelets, you want people to notice how great they look on you, but it would be meaningless to cover them with long sleeves clothes. Make sure that you wear a short sleeved top

Bottom Line

Choosing your jewelry gives you an option of being creative especially when you are selecting some jewelry for a casual event. With workplaces, you need to maintain a simple but outstanding look. Lastly, knowing how to wear jewelry to compliment your look will always depend on your clothing; try not to turn up in an event overdressed. Here at Nominal, our team will help you accessorize with jewelry that will complete your outfit.


I appreciated your tip about wearing complementary necklaces and earrings. I’m hoping that I can get a nice necklace for my daughter’s 18th birthday. My mother did that for me, and it was a really special gift that I still wear.

Eve Mitchell June 09, 2022

I appreciated what you said about wearing simple earrings to help jazz up your outfit! I’ve got a big company banquet in a few weeks and I’m trying o decide what kind of look I want to rock. I would love to get some jewelry to match!

Eve Mitchell August 20, 2021

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upimusu April 17, 2021

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lchqrutnbo March 19, 2021

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