"Live With Intention" | Men's Quote Cuff

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You asked, we answered. Men's cuffs are finally here. Etched in English on the outside and Arabic on the inside, this durable and flexible stainless steel cuff is the perfect subtle addition to any outfit, classy or casual. Some of our all-time favorite quotes are inscribed on these cuffs, which welcomes this piece to the category of some of our most meaningful accessories.

"Live With Intention" is our motto here at Nominal, but it's not meant to be catchy or easy to remember; it's meant to be a true reminder that with every single day, we should all strive to achieve our goals, fight for our dreams, and get closer to the best version of ourselves. Aspirations are not achieved by accident, so we hope this piece reminds you to live every day with the intention to inch towards what makes you happy.

عيش مع نية

  • Size: 6 Inches | 15.25 CM (Average wrist size) - Adjustable to any size
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Packaging:  Nominal Velvet Drawstring Pouch
  • Shower-proof & Rust-free guarantee.
  • Shipped within just 1 business day.

For the month of January, 25% of our sales from our entire Deed of the Month Collection will be donated towards providing food baskets for families in need in the area of Rohingya! We are teamed up with Pious Projects and with every $66, we will be able to provide a food basket to an entire family for a month. Help us make the biggest impact possible for those that really need our help.

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"Live With Intention" | Quote Cuff - NOMINAL

"Live With Intention" | Quote Cuff

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