Hometown Collection

Choose Your Hometown Bracelet | 100% of Profits Donated to Sudan

100% of profits from our *Choose Your Hometown Necklace* & *Choose Your Hometown Bracelet* will be donated towards providing medical aid, food, and water to the people of Sudan until they are free. As we hope you all know by now, a government shutdown has had devastating effects on the daily lives of Sudanese people. Bodies are being dumped in the Nile River. Shops are closed and streets are unsafe, making basic necessities - such as food and medicine - very hard to find.
We will be donating the funds to UMR, who is working swiftly to provide medical aid, food, and water to the people of Sudan. We are very transparent and provide receipts of our donations at the beginning of each month. - UMR | UMRelief.org/Sudan-Emergency-Relief
Where you are from means the world to you. So showcase your culture proudly with this elegant and unique piece. State, country, or continent, represent your origins with our Hometown Bracelet!

If you can't find your hometown below, we would love to make a custom one for you here.

  • Material: 18 Karat Gold Plated.
  • Length: Adjustable between 6 and 7 inches.
  • Shower proof & rust free guarantee.
  • Fulfillment: 1 business days.
  • Packaging: Nominal Velvet Drawstring Pouch