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Custom Hometown Necklace


If you couldn't find your Hometown here, we will gladly make a custom one for you!

Where you are from means the world to you. So showcase your culture proudly with this elegant and unique piece. State, country, or continent, represent your origins with our Custom Hometown Necklace! Available in Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold, choose your favorite color and your chain length to bring your hometown to life.  


  • Handcrafted by Master Jewelers in Turkey.
  • 18-Karat Gold Plated.
  • Approximately 10 days to create and ship.
  • Best sellers: 14-16 inches & 16-18 inches. "-" represents a 2 inch extension.
  • Packaging: Nominal Velvet Drawstring Pouch

*While we strive to keep the most consistent quality, please keep in mind our custom pieces are hand-made and no two pieces will look exactly the same. Slight size variations may occur depending on country shape.

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