Statement Series

Deed of the Month - "Alhamdulillah" Plated Bracelet

The purchase of this item is going to a great cause!
We've teamed up with Pious Projects for the month of April to help build water wells in Mali, Africa. With your contribution, we are going to supply clean water to the less fortunate in Mali. 25% of your purchase of any of the items listed below is going straight to this amazing cause and we appreciate your help in making a difference!
With our Plated Bracelet Collection, we have a unique double chain design to make this piece stand out. Our bar is 18-Karat Gold Plated, engraved with Arabic on one side, and an English translation on the other. We hope this accessory brings your favorite word to life.
Alhamdulillah / الحمدلله / "All praise is due to God" - Through the good and bad, we hope this piece serves as a reminder to hold gratitude in your heart and to outwardly show thankfulness for all the blessings in life.   
  • Shipped within 1 business day.
  • Material: 18 karat gold plated.
  • Packaging: Nominal Gift Box
  • Length: Adjustable between 6 and 7 inches (15.25 and 17.75 cm).