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"A woman's beauty is not seen, it is discovered" | Arabic Cuff


Our Arabic Cuffs are a customer favorite! Engraved with a beautiful Arabic saying on the outside with the English inscription on the inside, this cuff is a classy combination of beauty and meaning that will radiate with any of your favorite outfits.

Showcase that beauty is not something that can be seen from the outside, but discovered through what makes you the person that you are on the inside. 

  • "A woman's beauty is not seen, it is discovered."
  • جَمالُ المَرأَةُ لا يُرى، إِنَّهُ يُكْتَشَفْ

Size: 6 Inches | 15.25 CM (Average wrist size)
Materials:Silver / Stainless Steel

      • Shower proof & Rust free guarantee.
      • Packaging: Nominal Gift Box.
      • Shipped within just 1 business day.