Why Nominal?

Being a part of a company that treasures self identity is HUGE and in turn makes me feel like I can be myself with this incredible team of people. Because of that connection I then get to capture these wonderful people genuinely, creating more meaningful content.

What brings you to work everyday?

There's always something new going on in the office and having the chance to be a part of that energy from my coworkers invigorates me! Besides my friends also being at work, the chance to create something new is what drives me to come in. Limitless possibility to create a new piece of art, learn a new skill to achieve my vision and the support from everyone around? It's a no brainer!

Who inspires you?

I find inspiration from so many facets of my life. My family, friends and coworkers are just some areas of my life that leave me wanting to work hard and give them my all. Music, art and films also creatively fill my head with so many ideas! Lastly, fellow photographers that paved the way before me inspire me to become more than I am, to understand that my job isn't necessarily just about my aesthetic but the story ahead and to keep my eyes open to see that story unravel before me.