Leana Deeb, Creative Director of Nominal

From the Founders

Leana Deeb is a creative visionary celebrated for her empowering presence and positive impact. When we saw that our missions aligned, we knew what needed to happen.

After 10 months of work, on April 15, 2024, Leana Deeb has joined the Nominal team as Creative Director.

As a brand, we kept an eye on Leana’s mission over the years as she aimed to uplift her community and celebrate their individuality. With every step she took, on and off camera, it was clear that the purpose she had in life was aligned with our purpose: making people feel confident in who they are, giving them a reason to be proud of what makes them unique. Leana connects with her audience on a uniquely personal level, always prioritizing community, vulnerability, and confidence. Whether that’s through motivation or championing self acceptance, Leana inspires hope in millions worldwide. Something we knew was the perfect pairing to what we both wanted to achieve. Leana’s love for representation and inclusivity will help ensure that Nominal’s offerings continue to represent people no matter what background or values they hold. A true chance to create a vibrant community right in front of our eyes.

The best part? There’s no ceiling as to what the future holds for all of you, our family. Leana joining us as our Creative Director represents a significant milestone in both her journey, and ours. We’ve reached this point due to God’s blessings and our community’s unwavering love and support. From returning to the roots that made Nominal so impactful, to expanding to serve a wider audience, to bringing a debut collection to life like nothing you’ve ever seen… the future isn’t just bright; it’s strong. We can’t wait to show you what’s ahead.

- Akram & Lena

From Leana Deeb, Creative Director

This is such an exciting milestone in my career. My goal has always been to make people feel confident from within, and when I struggled with that myself in relation to my culture and faith, wearing Nominal helped me feel like I truly belonged. I'm so excited that I can officially announce I’m becoming a part of the Nominal family as their first-ever Creative Director.

From borrowing my sister’s Nominal jewelry just so I can feel cool, to making my own purchase years back, to now leading the creative direction, this genuinely feels like a full-circle moment for me. I have the utmost respect for Akram & Lena, what they’ve built, and the impact they have had on their community. And most importantly, it’s aligned with everything I truly believe in. We’re excited to push the boundaries in this space and lead with purpose and cause.
I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and I won’t be taking it lightly.


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