Rust? Tarnish? Color Change?

The #1 question we get is whether or not our pieces tarnish/rust/change color.
Anybody can win a client once, but you need to be really special to create loyalty and have that client come back a second, third, and fourth time. Quality is so important to us. Before we started Nominal, we tested quality for months until we finally pulled the trigger on a formula that we are proud to put our brand behind. We took our pieces and put them in a bowl of water for a month to see what would happen. Nothing. Then we took our pieces and put them outside for a month. Nothing. And that is why we offer a guarantee. Experience any trouble and you’re 100% taken care of. There’s a reason why we have 300+ reviews and an average 5 star rating.

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Just got my butterfly choker and excited to wear especially see their is no tarnish or color change what so ever

Eddy 03 septembre 2021

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