EID Gift Ideas

While EID gifts aren't mandatory, they are a nice way of showing your loved ones that they've been in your thoughts. So while the celebration of the end of Ramadan is mostly spiritual, gift giving has become somewhat expected at family dinners and gatherings due to lots of Islamic cultures all around the world. To make gifting easier, here are some EID gift ideas for some of the most important people in your life.

EID Gift Ideas

#1. Pashmina Shawls

These super soft shawls are made from a special blend of silk and cashmere, giving them a luxurious feel. They'd probably go with every outfit, so one can never have too many, making them the perfect EID gifts for a wife and other females in your life.

#2. Spices

This gift is particularly useful for chefs currently residing outside of the Middle East. Those who love to cook will tell you that you can't replicate the good stuff. Though Middle Eastern spices come in a wide variety of fragrances, with each adding unique flavors to meals, it can be difficult finding every single one of these varieties at a Western grocery store. This is why these spices can seem like treasures to friends living away from home.

#3. Home Decor & Art

Buying art and other home decor for someone can be an extremely thoughtful present for EID -- especially if you know what they love. These gifts are both timeless (decorations will be visible in their homes all year round), and limitless (in terms of your options). You can get everything from small mason jars all the way to wall tapestries that can represent your relationship with this person.

#4. Coffee Pot

If you know an avid coffee drinker, who just never seems to have enough of coffee, you should get an Arabic coffee pot for them. They're useful both in keeping Middle Eastern coffee fresh, as well as adding a decor aspect to a kitchen or dining table. You can also pair this gift with a fresh bag of Turkish coffee too.

#5. Your Time

One of the best parts about EID is being able to spend time with your loved ones. This is one of the most priceless gifts you can give family members. If you're normally a busy person to reach, then spending time with family will be valued that much more.

#6. Bake or Make Something

If you're particularly skilled in the kitchen, you don't have to show up empty handed. Whip up an EID treat and you'll probably be the favorite at the party.

#7. Handwritten Letter or Poem

Ramadan can be a very emotional and spiritual time, so creatively showing your love and appreciation for a family member or loved one in written form can be appreciated -- especially if you're on a budget. Heartfelt letters have sentimental value you can't substitute for anything else. This also serves as a great EID gift idea for wives, girlfriends, or parents in accompaniment with something else.

#8. Jewelry or a Watch

Jewelry and watches are one of the most popular and traditional gift ideas for any occasion. Getting jewelry or a watch for your wife, girlfriend, mother, father, or anyone else in your life who enjoys it for EID is another phenomenal gift. You make the gift more meaningful by customizing it with their name, or getting it with a plaque of something that’s special to them. Nominal offers a variety of different types of jewelry and watches for every special person in your life that’ll bring a whole new meaning to “meaningful accessories.”

Bottom Line

Although celebrating the end of Ramadan in Islamic culture doesn’t necessarily call for gift giving, it is still a nice gesture to give the special people in your life something small. Some EID gift ideas you can consider giving to your wife, husband, significant other, daughter, or anyone else in your life include giving a Pashmina shawl, timeless home decor and art, a handwritten letter, or even jewelry.

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