Doing our part during COVID.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19, we spent last week brainstorming ideas of how to give back to the world. Among the millions of people across the globe delivering selfless acts, whether it's staying home or stocking up grocery shelves, we landed on the idea of giving back to workers in the healthcare industry. The ones battling in unsafe environments, and dealing with hundreds of patients, whether at a pharmacy or in the emergency room.

On Friday, March 27th, we set out to give away 500 necklaces to healthcare workers, simply to put a smile on their face during this time. We didn't know what to expect, but we were thrilled to do what we could.  Within about four hours, we received seven hundred e-mails. Instead of turning people away, we decided to increase the initiative to 700 pieces. Unfortunately, we met our capacity to safely fulfill these orders with only one shipper due to COVID, and had to cap the campaign at 700. We were so thrilled, though, to hear the gratitude from everyone who e-mailed us looking for a meaningful piece to hold on to, when in reality we were the ones wanting to show our gratitude to them.

The amount of prayers and well wishes coming from these tired and selfless healthcare workers truly made this entire initiative worth it, and the smiles we hope to put on everyone's face with these meaningful pieces are the least we can deliver to those taking care of the world at a time like this.


Unfortunately, with limited campaigns like this one, it broke our heart to turn people away who reached out after we hit our limit. If we could send out thousands of free necklaces to everyone who's done an act of kindness during this outbreak, we'd be shipping them as we speak. However, we reached our limit as a small business in our capability of shipping out free packages, but that does not mean this initiative is over.

After some discussion among the Nominal Team, we realized that our Deed of the Month Campaign would be the best way to broaden our impact for the COVID outbreak. Our DOM, for those who don't know, is our monthly campaign where we choose a new cause to donate to, and we select a few items to take portions of sales from.

However, we'll be doing things a little different for April. Instead of featuring a certain collection of items to donate money, we want the entire item catalog to be involved. That means every single item you purchase will make an impact across the world in helping those affected by COVID.  

We are excited to announce that 10% of ALL sales made in April will be going directly to providing relief to those affected by COVID all across the country, as the U.S. takes the lead for the highest amount of cases in the world.

Please stay tuned for April 1st as we reveal the details of the campaign, and we come together as a family, like we do best, to make a difference in this world. Thank you to everyone who's a part of this and we hope you are staying safe.

Even while we're apart, we are together in this.

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