Why Nominal?

I saw a vision that aligned with mine- a mission to impact the world. It’s a strong and heavy mission, however, Nominal steadily accomplishes this daily through creating a platform that brings light to individuals’ identity through their jewelry and through the inspiration they emit to each other and their community.

What brings you to work everyday?

Knowing that I am welcomed and that the Nominal Team continually challenges me to strive to improve myself through learning and grasping new knowledge plays a huge part. The team is full of life, authenticity, and unique ideas that everyday is nothing like the prior.

Who inspires you?

 My parents have always been my inspiration since I was a kid. Nothing will change that. Both of my parents continuously give out an immeasurable amount of love and sacrifice for me and my siblings in order so that we may live a happy life. I want to eventually give back to them as they have to us.