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Exactly one year ago - January 22nd, 2018 - Nominal was founded, and we are so excited to announce that we’ve officially moved out of our home and into an office! Take us back and we would have never imagined to finish off the year with over 15,000 Nominal owners across 45+ countries. To say that we are beyond grateful is an understatement. We are overwhelmed by all of the love and support, and we strive to do nothing but serve you 100x better. Expect an improvement in our customer service, designs, speed, packaging, and quality in 2019.
It is so important to us that our pieces aren’t just fashionable, but meaningful. A part of our mission is to give the world accessories that you are proud of. Accessories that serve as powerful and beautiful reminders. & to hear all about what your Nominal pieces mean to you has been so rewarding.
It has been a pleasure meeting many of you during the ISNA Houston, RIS Toronto, and MAS-ICNA Chicago conventions. This upcoming year, we’ll be back for some more, + Palestinian Festival Houston, iHeartHalal Chicago, MAS-ICNA DC, Halal Food Fest Toronto, and pop-up shops in New York and California, and possibly Michigan and Florida.
Once again, we thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your love and support, and we can’t wait to give you our absolute all this year ♡
Keep an eye out for a huge announcement February 1st!

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