Transparency is very important to us. Therefore, all donations are documented with official receipts from various organizations and can be viewed and downloaded here.


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Food Baskets for Rohingya
  • Amount Raised: $1,000
  • Impact: Over fifteen months of food baskets were donated due to your support and help. Rice, potatoes, cooking oil, and other consumable essentials were sent to families in Rohingya. Thank you. 
  • Read More: The details of this campaign & the ability to donate can be found here.
  • GiveLight Foundation [Orlando, January 26] | Orphans in Mexico: $8,175


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Feed Starving Families in Ethiopia
  • Amount Raised: $6,400 | New Record! Alhamdulillah.
  • Impact: 128 families in Ethiopia were sent food baskets that contain rice, dates, tea, sugar, and cooking oil. Thank you for setting an all-time record.
  • Read More: The details of this campaign & the ability to donate can be found here.


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Crisis Relief in Iraq
  • Amount Raised: $3,269.40
  • Impact: Clean water, medical supplies, and on-ground assistance to children and families in Iraq. Thank you for helping us making a difference.
  • Read More: The details of this campaign & the ability to donate can be found here.


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Fight Against COVID-19
  • Amount Raised: $19,714.39
  • Impact: Essential medical supplies such as personal protective equipment, testing kits, and biomedical equipment were dispersed by the World Health Organization in efforts to combat COVID-19. Additionally, some of the funds were used to further vaccine development and treatment for children in vulnerable communities.
  • Read More: The details of this campaign & the ability to donate can be found here.


  • Deed of the Month Campaigns: Syrian Education Program [$1,488.49], Penny Appeal's Combat Against Domestic Violence [$2,273.25], and Yemen's Fight Against COVID [$3,010].
  • Amount Raised: $6,771.74.
  • Impact: The funds allocated for the Karam Foundation's Syrian Education Program was used to provide educational resources for those in Syria in efforts to build a sustainable futures for their youth. Penny Appeal's Combat Against Domestic Violence Program used the funds to provide resources and shelter for victims of domestic violence globally. The campaign for Yemen's fight against COVID-19 used the funds they allocated to help families stay home whilst providing sanitation equipment such as water and soap. 


  • Deed of the Month Campaigns: NAACP [$6,780], Reclaim the Block [$6,780], and Color of Change [$6,780].
  • Amount Raised: $20,340 USD.
  • Impact: Color of Change used the funds to further their efforts in ending the surveillance of black activists and ensuring that the black community Gets out the Count for the 2020 US Census. Reclaim the Block used the funds to further their efforts to divert money from police funding to necessary resources such as housing assistance, violence prevention, mental health, and programs to empower black youth. The funds contributed to the NAACP went towards the bailout funds as well as furthering their efforts to empower, provide resources to, and defend the black community.


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Food Baskets For Yemen
  • Amount Raised: $2,990 USD
  • Impact: With every $35 raised by the Nominal Family, a food basket can be donated. This means that 85 food baskets were donated in the month of July, and each one can feed a family of five for a month. The basket contains wheat flour, sugar, rice, cooking oil, and tins of beans. Thank you for your constant impact. 
  • Read More: The details of this campaign & the ability to donate can be found here.


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Boys and Girls Club AZ
  • Amount Raised: $3,267.47 USD
  • Impact: The funds allocated this month went towards furthering the Boys and Girls Club's initiative to protect families across the valley during these unprecedented times. 
  • Product Donations: $1,624.93


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: Impact Lebanon
  • Amount Raised: $5409.54
  • Impact: The funds we gathered through your contributions in September allowed us to aid Impact Lebanon's efforts to provide disaster relief to those impacted by the blast in August.
  • Product Donations: $1,808.71

October & November 

  • Deed of the Month Campaign: MSA Campaign + Muhsen 
  • Amount Raised: $6132.98
  • Impact: We launched a global campaign to assist in any fundraising efforts by 100 different Muslim Student Associations. Each MSA received a unique fundraiser code and donated 20% of sales associated with their code. 
  • Product Donations: $1,549.93
  • Muhsen x Nominal: $2,026


  • Deed of the Month Campaign: 
  • Amount Raised: $4,167.95
  • Impact: Link Outside serves as a liaison between the Muslim community "on the outside" and the community "on the inside". This outreach organization, because of your donation, allows for prison visits, increases the supply of books to those incarcerated inside, and also supplied education and spiritual nourishment mentorships. Read more about the organization here.