Are Muslims allowed to wear gold?

Since the brand's inception in 2018, people have had a lot of questions. Religiously, everyone wants to be sure to do things properly to the best of their knowledge, find out what scholars have to say about the modern struggles we all face as Muslims. 

You may be here because you've heard that gold is haram for Muslims, and we hope to provide some useful information for you. 

As the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was reported to have done and said:

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), brought silk in his right hand and brought gold in his left hand and then he declared, ‘These two are haram for the males among my followers.'” Due to the Prophet’s declaration, men may not wear gold jewelry, clothing embroidered with gold, or other adornments made of gold in Islam. 

To put it in short and make sure you got exactly what you're here for - gold is forbidden only for the men in Islam. That's why you will notice none of our men's pieces at Nominal are offered in a gold finish! We offer pure steel jewelry (in polished silver or coated black) but we do not offer gold plated pieces for the men's selection. 

Women have been permitted to wear gold (either solid gold or plated gold) and that is why our women's selection is all offered in our 18k gold plating.

We know that you came here to find a proper answer to continue practicing Islam to the best of your ability and we hope that we answered properly. Allah knows best and we hope we can continue offering men and women all over the world with quality jewelry that aligns with their values and beliefs.

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