Nominal Design Competition

This Ramadan season is going to be a very special one, for us and for you! We are presenting a brand new packaging style to showcase the beautiful illumination of Ramadan and Eid! Decorated with beautiful magenta and cyan accents, draped with floral designs, our Nominal box will be shipped out with all orders above $75 USD to capture the beauty of the season. 

But something is missing, right? To take it up a notch and make it truly a special occasion, we've turned this into a public design competition for the Nominal Family to partake in. You will notice that we've left an empty circle in the center of the top of the box. That's for you. By clicking the link at the bottom of this blog, you'll be able to download / print the circular template that you can design in. 

The only requirements:

The design must have these three words in it: Ramadan. Eid. Mubarak.

That's it! You can combine English and Arabic, you can create your own colors or match the box's purple and blue! You can use images like crescents and roses, and so on. You can even hand-draw your submission, or digitalize it! Feel free to even submit more than once! 

Submit your design to by March 20th, 2020. The winner will be chosen on March 23rd. They will not only get their design featured on the box, but they will also get to stamp their "Designed by" signature on the back of the box! And to top it all off, the winner will receive a $250 Nominal Gift Card to use as they please on the site at any time! 


Click here to download the template for the submission and make sure to email to enter!

Good luck!



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william أغسطس 13, 2020

Nominal product good and represent our culture

Mohammad Ali مارس 13, 2020

This is spec work. You shouldn’t ask designers to design for free as they should get paid for their efforts.
PS I love your work.

Learn more here:

Safa مارس 13, 2020

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