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Download the March Nominal Wallpaper for your phone here!

Download the March Nominal Wallpaper for your laptop here!

 Meaningful wallpapers carry more weight than you might think to the Nominal Team. Yeas ago and to this day, co-founder Akram Abdallah used phone wallpapers as a way to remind himself what mattered the most to him in different phases of his life. Whether it was academic studies, entrepreneur-related advice, or general inspiration that helped him live his life to the fullest, he always looked for something to keep him on track.

It was that exact sentiment that birthed the initial concept of Nominal. A way to take what matters to you internally and turn it into something visible, something tangible, and something you could show others. We're going back to our roots, not by changing what we do, but by offering a new way to bring something meaningful to your daily life. It was wallpapers and meaningful reminders that brought us to jewelry, and we will never forget that. It's time to share that same inspiration with all of you, so on the first of each month, you can expect a brand new wallpaper that we hope resonates with you just like your beautiful Nominal jewelry does!

Create Diem

'Carpe Diem' is one of the most famous sayings in the world, yet one that we decided to put a twist on. Translated to "seize the day", this quote embodies gratitude of the present moment, living in the now, and doing today what might not be promised in tomorrow. These are all mentalities and lifestyles that we 100% incorporate and support, but we also wanted to make it known that sometimes it's up to you to create something special every single day. To not just sit back and wait for the day to excite you, but to build a life that makes you happy, a life that is worth seizing.

We hope that seeing this wallpaper multiple times throughout the day serves as the perfect reminder to go out and create memories.

We discussed with Akram Abdallah, the founder of Nominal, what Ahmad's poem means to him, and why it was important to get this message out to others in a way that they will see every day. Here is what he had to say:

Akram: ‘Carpe Diem’ is a difficult one for me. As an entrepreneur, I have trouble reflecting and living in the present moment. I am always on the move and living in the future, thinking “what’s next?”

I recognize that this is an issue, and that there is power in reflecting, celebrating the little wins in life, and showing gratitude. With the help of this poem as a wallpaper on my phone, I will constantly be reminded to slow down, consciously create the day, and I will end up with a day worth seizing.  

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