Nominal x Karam Foundation

This month, we are partnering up with the Karam Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on building a better future for Syria. Especially during these unprecedented times, we need to come together, namely for the countries that already have limited resources and assistance. 

There is no better way to make a difference than to receive something you love at the same time. Our newest Syrian pride piece, the Verily With Hardship Comes Ease Syria Necklace, is a featured item during May, where 25% of every sale goes directly to the Karam Foundation in an attempt to providing Syrian people with education and sustainable development. 

The piece can be found here, and will be available for purchase on May 1st.

We hope to make a difference in peoples' lives while also continuing to do what we love: giving you all a way to wear meaningful jewelry that makes you smile. Let's share the smiles this Ramadan!



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